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Updated: June 30, 2015

David H. HersmanDavid H. Hersman, Certified Flight Instructor
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New Private Pilot: It's been pointed out that a Private Pilot's License looks good on any resume, job, or college application. Knowledgeable people realize that, although the knowledge, skill, and judgement required to be a pilot is really not "hard," it does take commitment, application, and perseverance - good character traits. I am proud of my flight student, Joel Thomas. He is 18 years old, from a large family, home-schooled, and worked hard to pay for his own lessons. Today, he received his Private Pilot's License. Most of these pictures pertain to our flight to Elkins, West Virginia where he took his flight test. Congratulations, Joel! 

Joel is pictured above with Flight Examiner, Don Judy, at Elkins, West Virginia, November 8, 2014.

On September 23, 1986, Crystal and I bought this Cessna 150 at Mallory Airport in South Charleston (Spring Hill)


West Virginia. Yesterday, my flight student, Callie Forbes, was with me for my 11,000th flight in this same airplane.


 It seems so incredible to think I have have flown this plane well over 4000 hours,


mostly giving flight instruction. Get "higher education" - learn to fly!





Joel Thomas on his "long cross-country" flight, the last solo requirement for a Private Pilot's License.

He will now have some "Practical Test Preparation" and will soon be a licensed pilot.

Joel is 18, and lives at Eagle Rock, Virginia. See update above. Joel got his Private Pilot's License on November 8, 2014.

Nicole Zierler is enjoying part of her summer vacation in the air.

We recently landed at Hot Springs, Virginia, the highest public airport east of the Mississippi.

This area 0f Virginia - West Virginia is saturated with gorgeous Appalachian beauty.

Joel Thomas, of Eagle Rock, Virginia, soloed last fall and is now working on his solo cross-country flight requirements.

For this purpose, a cross-country flight is one with a landing at least 50 nautical miles from your departure point.

A nautical mile is 15% longer than a statute mile, as used on the highway.

Joel, who was home-schooled, also recently graduated from high school.



Xenophon Mucciarone graduated from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine on May 31, 2014,and Passed his Private Pilot Practical Test two weeks later, June 14.  Congratulations,  Xeny!

Call me: 304-392-2035.

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May 17, 2014

We all had a great time at Learn to Fly Day, although it turned out very windy, and not much flying took place.

One of the significant thrills to me was our grandson, Levi, getting more at home in the cockpit.

Since he was not around airplanes very much when he was very small, he had been quite skeptical of getting in them -

although he loved to watch them, and talk about them. Today he seemed more relaxed and eager to "rise above the surly bound of earth."





My flight student, Joel Thomas, took this spring time photo during
his second cross-country solo flight between Lewisburg, West Virginia,
and Lynchburg, Virginia, April 24, 2014.





Flight instruction available at Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB)
   or Hinton-Alderson Airport (WV77).

 Call:  (304) 392-2035 or cell: (304) 661-2534
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  Hinton-Alderson Airport (WV77), at Pence Springs, is an excellent place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon on any day of the week.

  There is usually some form of flight going on on suitable weather days. You might even see a bald eagle soaring above the Greenbrier River.

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 Not all airplanes used in these pictures are actually available for training purposes. Some are owned by the pilots or my students.

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Latest Eagles' Wings Solo:  Xenophon Mucciarone

Xenophon Mucciarone (Xeny - with a Z sound)

"Xeny" (with a Z sound) soloed February 6, 2012, at Greenbrier Valley Airport, Lewisburg, West Virginia.
He is also a student at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.


One of my flight students, John Stockie, bought this Flight Design CTLS light sport aircraft a couple years ago. He received his Light Sport Aircraft license in September 2013.


Kourosh Kahkeshani, a student at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, took his Private Pilot Practical Test at Elkins on July 26, 2011. Below are a couple pictures taken that memorable day!

Instructor David Hersman with new Private Pilot, Kourosh Kahkeshani. Instructor, David Hersman, with new Private Pilot, Kourosh Kahkeshani.


Kourosh with flight examiner, Don Judy.
Elkins, West Virginia , July 26, 2011.

Tiffany Jagger soloed June 29, 2011

Tiffany Jagger June 29, 2011


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Primary and Instrument Flight instruction is available at Greenbrier Valley Airport at Lewisburg, West Virginia, and Hinton-Alderson Airport at Pence Springs.

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